What are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are made-made or synthetic substances. These are in fact made-made testosterone hormones. Anabolic steroids, i.e. Crazy Bulk is also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids. Testosterone is the hormone in a male that helps in building male sexual characteristics.

Anabolic and Androgenic Functions

In the body of a man, testosterone hormones perform two very important functions. These hormones help in developing male genitals. Other functions include the growth of hair on the body and deepening of the male voice. These are androgenic functions.

Testosterone also performs anabolic functions, which include the development of muscle mass. These are anabolic functions. Steroids mainly perform anabolic functions in the body of a man and have minimum androgenic effects.

These man-made hormones help the cells of the muscles of our bodies produce more protein. This thing helps in increasing the strength and the mass of muscles. Another function of these anabolic steroids is to help the body in the production of more ATP in order to provide more energy to the muscles.

Oral & Injectable Steroids

Different varieties of anabolic steroids are available. Some steroids are available in the form of pills and these are oral steroids. Other steroids are available in the form of injections to be injected into the body directly.

Steroids are also different in terms of their use. Some steroids are used in cycles. For example, you have to take the drugs for a few days and then you need a break. After the break, you repeat the cycle again.

Other steroids are stacking with respect to use. For stacking steroids, you need to use different steroids at the same time for getting full benefits of oral and injectable steroids.

Why Use Steroids?

The use of these steroids is beneficial as a replacement therapy. If the body of an individual is unable to produce enough testosterone in a natural way, people use these drugs. These drugs, i.e. Crazy Bulk and others help in meeting the deficiency of these hormones.

For the treatment of different health conditions such as anemia and different forms of cancer, the use of anabolic steroids is beneficial.  These steroids help in increasing muscle size and the strength.

Effects of Steroids After Stopping

Different hormones such as growth hormones and testosterones are the naturally produced hormones in our body. When a person starts using these medications, it affects the natural production of these hormones in our bodies. With the time, it also happens that the production of these hormones completely stops.

Therefore, when a person stops the use of these synthetic organic compounds, it leaves severe effects on his health as there are no natural steroids in the body. For a few weeks, you may face several discomforts, until the body starts the natural process of production of these steroids.

As soon as a person stops using these synthetic compounds, he may feel more fatigue and tiredness. Other symptoms include vomiting and nausea. Some other side effects can be diarrhea, stomach pain, lower levels of blood sugar and feeling dizziness.

Therefore, it is not good that you stop using the steroids instantly. Start by reducing the dosage gradually and then finally stop the use of these drugs.

Side effects, Abuse & Addiction

After the development of steroids, steroid abuse has become an issue of serious concern. These days, illegal use of steroids is on a rise. If you use these drugs without any need and without the prescription of your doctor, this is an illegal use of steroids.

Mainly, athletes use these drugs in an illegal way of enhancing their field performance. The recommendation of the doctor is very important as the wrong dosage of these drugs may leave negative effects on your health.

These steroids help us gain muscle strength. These increase your stamina and make you able workout more. Because of these benefits of steroids, steroid use has become quite common now.

Another thing is that these drugs are addictive. Also, it is not easy to get rid of anabolic steroid addiction. The drugs have a large impact on your whole body as well as on your brain. Just like alcohol, these drugs are highly addictive and make you experience undesirable changes as you stop using these drugs. http://www.beststeroidswork.com

Because of the addictive nature of the steroids, you may feel trouble in sleeping after you stop the use of steroids. In addition, because of steroid addiction, you may have to face mood swings and changes in your behavior. You may also experience depression.

Anabolic steroids, i.e. Crazy Bulk is of great use for athletes. However, these drugs are not 100% safe and have some kinds of side effects, in case you take high dosages without the prescription of your doctor. The drugs greatly boost your field performance provided that you use them in the right way.

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