How to Deal with Testosterone Decline

Testosterone is normally associated with our manhood. It is an androgenic sex hormone that is produced by the testicles in men which plays a significant role in men’s reproductive and sexual function. Testosterone contributes to muscle mass of the body, the hair growth, red blood cells production, emotional health of a person and maintenance of bone density.  Testosterone is primarily considered a male sex hormone although women also contain it in small quantities.

The decline of this hormone is said to begin at the age of 30 and keeps declining with further with age. Although the decrease in levels of testosterone is mostly due to biological reasons and natural chemical processes in the body many other factors can also cause their decline. For example, chemical exposure, polluted environment and certain medications are believed to interfere with the ability of the testicles to produce testosterone. The toxins in the environment disrupt the human endocrine system.

But, there are many ways to boost your testosterone levels in the body. You use can the supplement Testogen to boost your testosterone levels. Testogen has all natural ingredients which can deal with decline safely and easily.

Below are also some options you can consider to deal with testosterone decline. Testo Max Review

Increase the intake of Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral that is responsible for many important bodily functions. It is most important to enhance the production of testosterone in the body and research tells us that people with in an increased intake of Zinc have shown to have adequate levels of testosterone in their body.
So, you need to increase the amount of zinc in your diet to make sure that you are getting enough of zinc to boost the production of testosterone. Protein rich foods are usually an excellent source of dietary zinc. Fish, oysters, meat, beans, yogurt, cheese and raw milk are being mentioned to name a few. However, make sure you do not overtake it which could lead to zinc poisoning.

Vitamin D

If you are Vitamin D deficient, it may be one of the reasons behind your low levels of testosterone. You can significantly enhance the production of testosterone by maintaining sufficient amount of Vitamin D in your body. Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D and you can also increase the amount of Vitamin D in your diet by eating foods like Fish, Cheese and Egg Yolk.

Reduce the amount of sugar

A lot of sugar can affect you in more ways than one. One of its negative effects is low production of testosterone.  People who consume a lot of sugar are also at a risk of obesity which will further effect the natural testosterone production.  Hence, you should check the number of carbohydrates you consume and reduce your sugar intake.


Exercising is a great way to better health. It will also be beneficial to increase the levels of testosterone in your body. But you will have to make exercise a habit if you want to reap the benefits because the rise in levels is not permanent. Studies have shown that strength-training exercises have a bigger impact on testosterone levels. To make it count you should use more muscles, meaning use a routine that engages many muscles at the same time. A full body work. Also try to life heavier weights than lifting light weight with many reps. you should also aim for shorter rest periods during your workout. But, you should take caution not to over train yourself which can have harmful effects.

Manage your stress

The stress hormone cortisol can block the production and the effects of testosterone. Mating, competing and aggression are all testosterone related functions and will be lowered if the level of cortisol in your body increases. Your testosterone levels can be affected if you are chronically stressed out. So, you need to be able to manage your stress.  Meditation, yoga, laughter and prayers are great stress managing tools. Exercise, relaxing and deep breathing will all help with you stress as well as emotional health. You must keep in mind that your emotional health is directly linked to your physical health and you must be attentive to your negative feelings as you would be to your diet.


A lot of studies have suggested that fasting intermittently can increase the testosterone levels in the body. Fasting enhances the assertion of hormones that make us feel full like insulin, melanocortins, leptin and cholecystokinin. These are names of hormones in the body that are related to healthy functioning of testosterone. This way you can ward off the age-related decline in testosterone levels.

Depleting testosterone levels can make you feel old before your time. To remedy the situation you can use Testogen, a supplement with a revolutionary formula to increase your depleted levels organically. Its natural ingredients will work to give you more stamina, energy and will sharpen you up with more concentration and focus.

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