Exploring And Honoring Those Of World War Two

The Second World War was a time that many of us still remember.  With over seventy years passing since the war ended many veterans are still alive and can tell stories of those days.  For the children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren of those veterans you will find a slew of ww ii collectors looking for information, photos and memorabilia to keep those stories alive.

ww ii collectors


One of the best things that you can collect is stories.  With stories you are given first and blow by blow accounts of what had happened, what very few really new and why solders did what they did.  With many vets passing each year being able to collect these stories will cement their actions in history.


Photos and films collected from that time tell a story very few of us knew.  The majority of them are in black and white and through the scenes depicted those looking back into history can have a visual representation of what it must have been like to stand there on the beaches, flying in the planes and following the commands of their superiors.

With films the stories come to life.  The technology that was used back then compared to what it is today really gives you an appreciation of how far things have advanced.  Through these films you can see the humanity of the solders, the pain they felt and so much more.

Learning history

They say that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  This is a great reason for everyone to take the time to really look at our history, the events that made us who we are today and what we can do to prevent mistakes of the past.  For those who love history learning from the Second World War is a great place to start.  It was a turning point for all Americans and without it where we are today would be totally different than what it is.