Tips For Getting The Perfect Finish From Sandblasting Metal

Sandblasting is a dangerous endeavor.  When we sandblast, we are using high pressure sand to remove paint and other materials from metal and other surfaces.  When the sand hits the surface of the metal it will spray everywhere sending small particles of sand that will cut like knives.  Wearing goggles, long sleeves, gloves and even steel tipped boots will help protect you from any issues.

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Glass beads

When using sandblasting services portland or see if they will use glass beads in their process.  These glass beads will help to enhance the look and finish of your final product.  The glass beads used are very small and fine.  When they strike the surface of the metal it will return a high gloss shine.

Aluminum Oxide

For your standard paint removal processes with sandblasting you will want to consider using Aluminum Oxide.  This material will be a little coarser than glass beads which has been found to be a better material to use for removing paint and rust.


Removing paint and other materials from fiberglass you will want to consider using plastic in your sandblasting process.  The plastic won’t be as damaging as other materials and will leave materials such as fiberglass undamaged.


When sandblasting you may want to have details etched into the material.  The best way to accomplish this is to use Silicon Carbide.  The Silicon Carbide offers an extensive abrasive material for sandblasting.  You want to use this when working on glass, stone and other materials that you want to have cutting performed.  When using this etching practice make sure that you are extra safe since this material will do extreme damage to you.

The act of sandblasting comes in many different flavors.  Determining which one is the best your job will determine the results you will receive.