We all have our weak moments that make us emotionally vulnerable. We become emotionally vulnerable especially in moments of experiencing negative emotions. Emotional eating is the culprit when it comes to adding lots of extra fats on the body, making the tummy flabbier .It is a killer of your healthy life style and also cost a lot to your health and wallet. It ruins the idea of healthy eating for you. Often there come times when we are stressed about something and to overcome the negative emotions we get ourselves some food. We feel that eating high sugary food would give us a richer satisfying experience and would move away the negative emotions and thoughts’ related to them.

In this article we will discuss how we can control emotional eating and how it can cause harm to your physical, emotional well- being. Moreover the role of Phen375 in overcoming the emotional eating would also be highlighted.

In order to identify when you are feeling hungry is it a physical hunger or emotional hunger ask yourself following questions.

Do you eat more when you feel stressed? Do you eat when you are feeling partially hungry or sometimes even when you are full? Do you often reward yourself with food? Do you often feel powerless in front of food? Do you often find comfort in eating when you are tensed?  If you answer most of the above mentioned questions in “Yes” it implies that you might be an emotional eater.

Whenever you feel that you are hungry know and identify signs if it is emotional hunger or physical hunger. Emotional hunger comes suddenly to you. It is not like physical hunger that builds up gradually. You may feel overwhelmed by this emotionally triggered hunger. It is also important when we are triggered by emotional stressor towards eating our cravings are specific. Have you ever heard that when emotionally stressed you reached your refrigerator and started eating broccoli? No it ever happened because when you are eating to avoid some negative emotions or stress you try to eat more sugary foods or high fat foods like donuts, pizza, ham burger, mac and cheese. And you will feel like you are helpless in front of these cravings.

Another important sign to realize when you’re eating pattern is triggered by emotional situation is that the focus on hunger feeling is not your stomach as it is not growling or pang in your stomach rather the feeling of hunger stays in your mind . You will picture food, would think about how it smells or tastes with no feeling of hunger in your stomach. Use of Phen375 can help in reducing the emotional eating as it controls the late night cravings and without eating lot of carbohydrates can keep you active throughout the day. This means the use of Phen375 once a day or twice day can help you in controlling emotional eating and can also improve your healthy eating pattern.

Maintain your Pleasure without reinforcing yourself with Food.

It always feels good to eat after achieving some goal but it does not mean that you have to eat every time to celebrate your success or goals. There are other ways to reward your own self. Give yourself a treat by going for a bubble bath, how about adding different flavors to the water that you drink, adding few mint leaves, squeezing some lemon or orange juice would also make it taste better and you will also enjoy this meal. http://www.phen375effective.com

Try to eat mindfully. Even if sometimes you find yourself indulged in binge eating it ok. Try to enjoy every bite you take, Savor what you eat, Enjoy fully the taste, texture of your food. Try to eat slowly.  The more focused you would be on your experience of eating more you will enjoy your food and will tend to eat slowly.

Prepare yourself for the Triggers:

You know when you start emotional eating. Is it when you come back from your boss office? Is that when the deadline is approaching and people are not responding well? Or is it when you are calling your partner and he/she is not picking up a call that makes you feel angry. Once you have identified your triggers you cabin work to control emotional eating beforehand. In your office drawer instead of keeping bag of chips or donuts try keeping healthy snacks like baked beans, raisins, oatmeal crackers. But try to eat them only when you find your stomach growling.

Distract yourself from the triggers. Try alternatives mentioned above or  go for running or exercise, talk to a friend it would surely provide you support and with the use of Phen375 would give you healthy support to maintain a healthy eating style and pattern.