Caring For Nature And All Of The Trees

Taking care of nature is all of our responsibilities.  When we fail to care for our planet our plant will not care for us.  One of the most important natural resources we have is trees.  Trees help produce oxygen which humans and animals use to live.  To help maintain the trees using tree service portland or to maintain them is a good idea.  Here are some other tips, tricks and info you can use to save the trees.

Remove dead trees

Just like everything else that is living, trees will eventually die.  Many trees will survive for hundreds of years.  However, storms, deforestation, natural disasters and even human intervention will cause trees to die.  When they die it is important that we remove them from the environment as quickly as possible.  When removing dead trees, we open up the environment for new growth.

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Soil Conditions

Monitoring the soil conditions in your area for bacteria growth, mineral content, water content and insect life are all important.  If trees get too much moisture, they will rot the roots.  If they get too little moisture they will dry up and die.  If we have insects, bacteria and other conditions in the soil they could consume the nutrients of the tree causing it to die. 


When trees die, we want to replant them.  Many forests are being torn down for their resources but not replanted.  As a result, the landscape is drastically changing.  When replanting trees, it is a good rule of thumb to plant two trees for every one you cut down.  This way the environment will always be ahead of itself.

Many trees can be started in green houses and other grow areas.  If you take the seeds from trees and begin to grow them at home or in a controlled environment, you can then easily transplant them to a deforested area to start the lifecycle over again.